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Buying real video views is the proven way to increase Instagram exposure for your content. Our views will build popularity for your videos while boosting your account’s importance.

As more people notice and watch your video content, the IG algorithms will give you more visibility. Popular videos can build enough momentum to go viral!

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If I’m buying views for my videos, how can that do me any good?

Even though buying views from InstaPort means that real Instagram users are watching your content, that’s not the audience you’re after. When you purchase views, what you’re really doing is “priming the pump.”

Instagram has well over two billion users, and they upload so much content every day that most of it exists in a vacuum. The platform’s algorithms only award widespread exposure to popular accounts and videos. Everyone else’s content is rarely shown to people who don’t already follow the poster’s account.

That creates a huge problem for users who aren’t already popular. How can they break through and gain additional visibility for their videos?

The successful ones do it by purchasing IG interactions like video views. When the algorithms see greater numbers of people engaging with an account’s content, they reward that account with more exposure. That’s the audience you’re after when you buy views.

New viewers can choose to watch and like your content, and follow your account — and that’s the organic growth that lets you build popularity on Instagram. Even better, the algorithms see increased engagement with your content by your new audience and react by giving you even more visibility.

And that’s how buying InstaPort video views primes the pump for long-term, successful growth.

Is that the only reason to purchase Instagram views?

No, there’s another important benefit.

People are more likely to buy a product when they know that it’s popular and lots of others are buying it, too. Marketing science calls that behavior “social proof.”

Social proof is crucial on social media. When users come across a video with only a handful of views, their first reaction is usually to scroll right by; the lack of interest in the vid implies that watching it wouldn’t be worth their time. But if they see a video with thousands (or tens of thousands) of views, there’s a much greater chance they’ll stop and watch it themselves.

The implication for content creators is clear. If you can generate a high view count for your IG posts, that will lead random users who see your videos on their feed to think that the videos are worth watching. And as we’ve mentioned, your views, likes, and followers will increase dramatically as your audience increases.

The social proof effect helps everyone who buys video views, but the users who benefit the most are Instagram influencers. When one of their videos becomes extremely popular, they often purchase large packages of views (10,000, 20,000, or even 50,000). The resulting sky-high view count often gives the video enough juice to make it go viral.

Why should I buy Instagram views from InstaPort and not another service?

Because InstaPort provides the highest-performing IG views you can find. The views deliver stronger growth in key metrics like engagement rate and follower growth than the views sold by other vendors.

There’s one important fact you should know before purchasing views (or other interactions like followers and likes) from any provider, though: not all video views are going to help you build your account’s popularity.

Many disreputable websites take the cheap and easy route by delivering views that are generated by bots and inserted into your account through backdoor hacks. And those views aren’t associated with real Instagram accounts. The system can easily figure out that you’re using “fake” views, so even though they briefly show up on your posts they’re removed quickly.

That means they won’t trigger added visibility for your videos. What’s worse, your account may be penalized or deleted for violating Instagram’s terms and conditions.

InstaPort and a small group of other providers are able to deliver “real” Instagram views, which means your videos are watched by real IG users from their own real accounts. Those views are legitimate in the system’s eyes so they never disappear. They stay in your account and work to increase your audience and popularity on the platform.

Whenever you buy Instagram views, likes or followers, always be sure that the service you’re using provides real engagements from real users. And remember: out of that small group of services, InstaPort delivers the best results.

Are there other advantages to using InstaPort?

Lots of them. InstaPort has put a great deal of effort into creating a service that’s not only the most effective, but it’s also the most efficient.

Your video views and other interactions are delivered virtually immediately, faster than any others you can purchase. Your personal information is carefully safeguarded with the use of encryption and secure services. The ordering process has been streamlined to let you choose and buy your likes in less than a minute. And prices are always equal to or lower than those charged by reputable competitors.

What is your customer service like? Is there a guarantee?

InstaPort’s customer support is experienced, helpful, and available 24 hours a day.

We’re proud to say that very few customers ever have problems with the delivery of their orders, so it’s quite rare that our support team has to resolve issues with our service. When that does happen, they are able to solve virtually any problem in just minutes.

The 24/7 availability of support reps is a major benefit for customers, though. Our InstaPort team is knowledgeable about every aspect of our service, and reps are happy to answer questions about our engagements and ordering process, craft custom orders for clients who have special needs, and recommend the proper packages for accounts.

And we guarantee your satisfaction. If your order doesn’t complete properly for some reason, we’re happy to provide a full refund.

Am I risking my account by buying InstaPort video views?

Absolutely not. Since our views, likes and followers are all real, they’re in 100% compliance with Instagram’s terms and conditions. There’s no risk whatsoever in buying and using them; your account is safe.

It’s safe for another reason as well.

Some disreputable vendors ask for your IG password when you order — even though they don’t need it to deliver likes or other interactions. Most just want to steal your account. InstaPort never asks for your password or any other information that could compromise your account’s safety. We simply deliver effective engagements that trigger your Instagram account growth.

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